Short Mens Military Haircuts

Short Mens Military Haircuts. A military haircut is generally very short. It is the ideal haircut for guys who do not want to manage their hair most of the time.

A crisp, uniform buzz cut is a staple military hairstyle, it is also known as an induction cut. See more ideas about Haircuts for men, Mens haircuts short, Military haircut. The buzz cut is the standard military haircut, as seen in movies like Jarhead, and comes in many different shapes and names, with cuts like the burr cut and butch cut also in the buzz cut category.

Despite the fact that most of the military haircuts for men have one feature in common (a very short length), you can also notice the appearance of various miscellaneous influences from the past in the cuts we're about to show you.

Out of all the military-specific haircuts, the crew cut is likely the most adaptable for casual wear.

This gallery contains several great men's haircuts for guys looking for a short, military haircut. While soldiers in the army are required to have very short hair up top, try adjusting this haircut for your personal hair length. If you are not a fan of how short the crew cut is, go with the ivy league.