Mens Long Shaggy Hairstyles

Mens Long Shaggy Hairstyles. Ideal for: Oblong, triangle, diamond and heart-shaped faces. Most Popular Shaggy Hairstyles for Guys.

Shaggy hairstyle for men
Shaggy hairstyle for men (Randy Patrick)

It is actually the layered cutting of hair in different lengths that may be short, medium or long. Providing your hair with more texture and layers – that is the main task of shag haircuts. Spray a beach texture spray to get that extra bounce if needed.

Long hair or short hair, these messy shag hairstyles are sexy and really easy to maintain.

Jon of the HBO Game of the Thrones series always favored the long and shaggy hairstyle.

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Men's Shaggy Hairstyles

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Did you know that you can also get the long version of a shag? Shaggy hairstyles for men often reflect a guy's need for simplicity. The shortest is often at the top and the longest usually establishes the hair length.