Mens Hairstyles Short Top

Mens Hairstyles Short Top. Use a good men's hair product like pomade, wax, or cream to maximize volume, movement and flow on the top hairstyles. For men that want a hairstyle that is both modern and masculine, try this cool undercut style with a short textured top.

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It is a lot like the Angular Fringe, just a lot shorter. That's the essence of a classic undercut, which works with various styles of men's hair (curly, wavy, straight, etc). Short haircuts are low-maintenance, masculine and easy to style.

The short back and sides with a little on top is by far the coolest short hairstyle for men.

Men having nicely shaped ears can look more attractive with the Undercut hairstyle.

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The hair can also be styled and modified, as it can be spiked up or slicked down. The next hairstyle on this list of short haircuts for men is the top fade. Although the powdered wigs of Louis IVX are a thing of the past (boo), the short, clean cuts of today's modern male leave little to be desired.