Mens Hairstyle Long Hairs

Mens Hairstyle Long Hairs. Like a ponytail, a man bun is a classic trend for long hair that isn't going anywhere. Plus, it's versatile enough to wear professionally or outside the office, which is a bonus for men with long hair as overgrown locks can appear wild and cluttered.

35 Incredible Long Hairstyles & Haircuts For Men
35 Incredible Long Hairstyles & Haircuts For Men (Lela Norman)

And, you'll look a bit effortless, too: above the business of meticulously trying to look good, and looking even good-er. Why are men letting their hair grow long? The most popular hairstyles for men with long hair can't miss the arguably hottest 'do on the block: the man bun.

While most guys get a comb over fade, pictured above is a clean-cut example of a chic undercut comb.

The cool sticky hairs that help you to look perfect.

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Why are men letting their hair grow long? Exactly what constitutes long hair can change from culture to culture, or even within cultures. Before everyone thought that long hair means having a ponytail or braid or bun.